In 2012 we threw down the gauntlet. Pitting family against family, friend against friend, and town against town to see who can eat earn the most points in our first ever World Premier Mosier Eat Local Challenge.

How it works
1. Each week -from Sunday at 6pm to the following Sunday at 5pm – you simply check off as many items off the list as you can. Each item is worth different points and many you can do at the market on the spot.

2. Then simply turn in your points:

  • At the market the info booth by 5pm Sunday
  • Online at (to sign up, click on the ‘login’ button on top right of page)
  • Or by email to by 2pm Sunday

3. Prizes will be handed out each week at the market at 5:30pm.  We’ll gather then to share tips and tricks for the next week, to earn points by giving a short presentation, and to join in a 15 second whine about how hard it all is before we charge through to the next week. Big prizes will be given on the last day of the market (September 2nd) for those who have earned the most points through the 9 weeks of the season!

Info to Help Earn Points
The Eat Local Challenge Checklist
Books & Movies about Food
Ways to Spread the Word
Local Food Quiz
Questions to Ask Vendors/Farmers
Gorge Restaurants Who Source Local Ingredients
Gorge Classes for Cooking, Preserving & Gardening
Gorge Farmers Markets

(*If you are a farmers market or other organization who would like to host a challenge -please contact us and we’d be happy to send you all of our materials)